Down Range Indoor Shooting LLC 

                                                         Indoor Pistol & Concealed Carry

                                   Come Practice your Concealed Carry on the Range with us!

                            Rifle Range under Reconstruction Please call ahead for arrangements. 




 Any Modern Gunsmithing

 Baker Bluing

 Hot Dip Bluing

 Custom Gunsmithing


 Modern and Antique Repair

 Complete Metal Shop

 Custom Woodworking/ Stocks (from blanks or semi-inlets)

 Engraving at Request


Appraisals & Reports





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on Specific Services.









Appraisals & Reports for Insurance

Selling/Listing your Firearm(s)


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     Sometimes we cannot get to our mailboxes (Email's) right away.

So Please call us at 419-684-5486 (419-684-5GUN) for an immediate response to your questions!

Thank You 



            Conceal Carry Handgun Classes Now Forming    Please contact us either by email or 419-684-5486!








Last Updated: 18 December, 2014