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Sometimes we cannot get to our mailboxes (Email's) right away due to working on firearms.

So Please call us at 419-684-5486 (419-684-5GUN) for an immediate response to your questions!

Thank You 

Conceal Carry Handgun Classes: If you are looking to get your Conceal Carry Handgun Permit, Look no further.   Here at Associated Gunsmiths (AGI) will give you, your proper certification classes you need.   Contact us at 419-684-5486 or by email at Classes@AssociatedGunsmiths.com for more details or to enroll for classes!

    We have certified NRA Instructors, Certified NRA Counselor, Gunsmith, a Senior Range Safety Officer & Range Safety Officers. As a NRA Certified Instructor, we are offering classes for Basic Pistol (which will give you certification for your Conceal Carry License) and Personal Protection In Home & Outside Home. And for those that are interested in becoming an instructor please contact us for more information.                                                     Email: Gunsmith@AssocistedGunsmiths.com

Concealed Carry Handgun Classes Now Forming!

Next One (1) Day Class is OCTOBER 24th, 2015

 Class starts 8 am

(We reserve the right to CANCEL Class due to lack of participation)

CALL for more information or to set up a specific Class.

 Limited Seating!    All Classes are Prepay! 

   Please contact AGI for more details. 

Certified NRA Instructors on premises.

Certified NRA Counselor available for YOU

to become an INSTRUCTOR.



 (We reserve the right to CANCEL Class due to lack of participation)

Available courses:

  First Steps Conceal Carry Handgun
Basic Pistol    Basic Personal Protection

Please contact us for more information or details of courses and fees.


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Last Updated: 13 September, 2015